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Need custom built battery cables for a Solar/Alternative Energy System?


Dealer Direct Custom CablesWe custom craft cables in-house for battery banks, interconnects, inverter connections and any other application requiring hand crafted heavy duty cabeling. We utilize only premium grade US made UL rated fine strand cable. We stock 6 guage thru 4/0 and have access to other custom sizes. Our Connectors are the best in the industry not cheap copper connectors but Heavy Duty Quick Cable Magna Lug Brand Connectors that are US made UL rated and Rohs compliant. Our crimp connections are a UL rated Hex crimp and covered with Heavy Duty Magna Tube Heat Shrink Tube, not electronics grade thin shrink tube like the others. The Magna Tube Heat Shrink has a built in sealent that protects and seals the connection against any intrusion. The Magna Tube is DOD Mil spec and meets UL 486D specifications.

A dedicated trained professional hand-makes each and every cable and cable kit, ensuring high quality cables for inverters, batteries, battery banks, back up centers, and any other systems that include them. Available for individual or bulk sale.

Our custom cables may not be the cheapest but they are certainly the best ! Availible for individual or bulk sale. Please contact one of our dedicated trained cable Techs for a quote on your custom cable needs

            Toll Free @ 888-598-3525 or 812-537-2500

No job is to Big or to small! Custom orders always welcome!






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